Advanced Communication

Effective Communication Continues to be the Biggest Issue Across Organisations Today

Although we communicate every day we’re alive, very few people are consciously aware of how they are communicating, or the impact their communication has on others. Poor (or blind) communication skills are the single biggest cause of conflict in teams. Unfortunately people often find themselves in the trap of not knowing how to change their communication approach and unfortunately continue to rub their team mates up the wrong way.

Cillín facilitated a communication course across 3 teams within a branch at MBIE recently. With no exception all participants agreed it was an extremely worthwhile day, full of insights and fun. The point of difference I think Cillín offers is that his courses are valuable to both work and home life. In my opinion this is what keeps people engaged and energized for the whole day! People of all ages and experiences were having “aha” moments and that’s how we grow and get better at .. in a nutshell.. dealing with each other.

Tanya Barrell
Manager Project Delivery@MBIE

Leadership and performance coaching

Applying the skills learned in this workshop will cascade through every aspect of a person’s professional and personal life. Developing strong personal relationships within the team and with key stakeholders tears down barriers to progress to enable a fast paced work environment. Communicating issues in a respectful and professional manner leads to a deeper understanding and greater respect among team members further aiding the resolution of conflict in whatever form it may present itself.

Workshop Details


  • Develop strategies to build instant rapport with others
  • Build strong and lasting relationships
  • Use listening skills and paraphrasing to help another person solve their own problems
  • Be respectively assertive when communicating an issue to another person
  • Explore strategies to resolve different types of conflict


This workshop is suitable for anyone and at any level of the organisation. To ensure all participants get the most out of the day, the maximum number of participants for this workshop is 18.


The Advanced Communication workshop is a full day workshop. However, this can be delivered in 2 x half days or 4 x 2 hour blocks.

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”


~ George Bernard Shaw

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