Aligning Team Values & Behaviours

Having an Agreed Upon Set of Values is Foundational to the Success of Any Team or Organisation

Very few people are conscious of their personal values or the relevance these have in their lives. This can lead to problems in a team because if team members are not aware of their own values, they’re unlikely to be aware of those of others. This can lead to team members making incorrect judgements about a colleague’s intent and character causing unnecessary conflict.

Cillín’s style is fun, yet insightful, somewhat provocative but all based on tried and true methods. Our team enjoyed every minute and walked away with new approaches to working together and a self-awareness on how to together. Cillín was able to ensure all the voices of the team were heard, bring those voices together to help us develop our own values. We now have team values we all can work to and make sense for us. Lastly, we had fun as a team doing this work, including teaching Cillín some Māori pronunciation. There is nothing quite like an Irishmen learning to say whakawhanaungatanga. Thanks Cillín.

Jo Tuapawa
Business Change Manager@DIA

Leadership and performance coaching

A team that is bought into their values and uses these to make the right decisions will always do the right thing by their colleagues, the organisation, and stakeholders. Team values highlight the attitudes that are important to a team and act as a yardstick for excellence. Explicitly identifying the behaviours that support (and do not support) team values enables team members to hold each other to account for what is acceptable and what is not, a culmination of which leads to greater clarity and overall team performance.

Workshop Details


  • Understand the importance of our personal values and how they influence every decision we make
  • Create team values that the team will use to guide decision making
  • Define the behaviours that support these values
  • Understand our personal rules and how they influence our decisions judgements of others and our emotions
  • Identify the personal rules which detract from our quality of life and team harmony
  • Consciously create new rules that support our personal and team values


This workshop is for individual teams that want to create greater alignment and clarity, take a values-driven approach to behaviours and decision making.


The Team Values & Behaviours workshop is normally a full day workshop; however, it can be modified to be a half day workshop depending on team outcomes.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”


~ Michael Jordan

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