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A Lack of Strategic Alignment Leads to Silos, Frustration and Mediocre Results

One of the biggest challenges we see in organisations and across teams is a lack of focus, taking on too much, or not having clear measurables for success. A lack of clarity is one of the main contributors to frustration and poor performance among even seasoned employees. Teams often shy away from spending time developing a strategy because it are seen as a waste of time due to historic lack of commitment and follow through; therefore, the things that will make the difference are sacrificed for what’s easy and familiar.

Cillín had run some communication and relationship building exercises for our team, together with our clients. There were many “Aha” moments and personal insights that we gained from the workshops, both about ourselves and about how we relate in business. We have learnt many life lessons from these sessions and have also seen the business value that were directly attributed to it. Cillín is an excellent coach, who applies his art with patience, humour and empathy.

Godfrey Fernandez
Director@Catalyst IT

Strategic Alignment Leads to Silos, Build Your Strategy

Clear goals aligned to a purpose are one of the strongest intrinsic motivators for individuals and teams. Using the OKR (Objectives, Key Results) approach to developing a strategy is one of the most straight forward and effective ways of gaining clarity, focus and buy-in into what matters most. This approach to strategy is used by iconic companies such as Intel, Google, Facebook, Spotify, the Gates Foundation, and so on. It’s used by these companies for one simple reason, it works.

Workshop Details


  • Understand the OKR model
  • Define your important objectives
  • Determine the key results associated with each objective
  • Select an objective (and key result) owner
  • Determine the schedule for review and ensure results are tracked and reported on for follow through and success


This workshop is for individual teams that want to develop a clear strategy and approach to ensure that the most important things get done.


The Building Trust workshop is a half day workshop or full day workshop, depending on the depth of thinking and problem solving required.

“The competitor to be feared is one who never bothers about you at all, but goes on making his own business better all the time.”

~ Henry Ford

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