Building Resilience

Unmanaged Stress is a Major Cause of Poor Performance Across an Organisation

According to a 2017 survey conducted by Southern Cross and Business NZ, 31.2 per cent of employees said their level of stress had risen in the last two years. Over 40 per cent of workers in larger companies cite trying to hit targets as a big cause of stress. It is undeniable that stress is a major health concern for a lot of organisations, not only for the health and wellbeing of their employees, but also for the cost of absenteeism and poor performance that this leads to.

By far the best People Leadership Forum to date! Cillín is a top speaker! This is the 2nd session I’ve attended of his and he has tonnes of great info to share. I really liked that we could all have a laugh and play a few games in-between the day as this always helps make the day and the topics discuss more memorable. I hope to see Cillín back at future PLF’s soon.

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Sometimes awareness is curative. Understanding the things that cause us to feel stress allows us to put strategies into place to ensure this doesn’t happen. Managing stress is something that is within all our control. Developing the mental and emotional skills that lead to resilience helps us overcome seemingly impossible hurdles and enables us to bounce back from tough times and to push through times of uncertainty.

Workshop Details


  • Understand what stress actually is and how it impacts our mindset and physiology
  • Identify personal triggers for stress
  • Develop a strategy to reduce and maintain balanced stress levels
  • Understand the characteristics of the C-Type, the personality type that strives in stressful environments
  • Apply mental strategies to overcome negativity and harmful thought patterns
  • Understand the purpose of our emotions so we control them, rather than the other way around


This workshop is suitable for anyone and at any level of the organisation. To ensure all participants get the most out of the day, the maximum number of participants for this workshop is 18.


The Building Resilience workshop is a full day workshop. However, this can be delivered in 2 x half days or 4 x 2 hour blocks.

“Do not pray for an easy life; pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.”


~ Bruce Lee

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