Building Trust

Without Trust the Team Will Never Reach It’s Full Potential

Based on the ground-breaking work by Patrick Lencioni and his research team, a lack of trust in a team is the single biggest detractor from achieving collective results. A lack of trust leads to an attitude of invulnerability and false harmony within a team. On the surface everyone is polite but the real issues are never discussed. People are afraid to ask for help or admit mistakes leading to blame, finger-pointing (directly or behind colleagues’ backs), and ego-driven behaviour.

Cillín has facilitated a number of workshops with ANZ’s Infrastructure & Operations Leadership Team. His enthusiasm, passion & deep learning has resulted in our teams building their leadership toolbox in areas such such as communication, change & resilience. The buzz after the workshop was contagious & we have felt a shift in the teams leadership dial.

Emma Parker
Transformation Manager@ANZ

Leadership and performance coaching

This workshop is the most personally rewarding workshop a team can participate in. The genuine caring and understanding that emerges during the day is difficult to describe. Team members start to see the human being behind the ‘task’. Colleagues realise that it’s safe to be who they are, proud of their strengths, and aware of the areas they can improve upon for the betterment of the team as a whole.

Workshop Details


  • Develop a deep ‘vulnerability’ trust among team members
  • Form strong relationships
  • Understand how our ‘egos’ drive behaviour
  • Share feedback to improve the overall performance of the team


This workshop is for individual teams that want to overcome challenges, inter-personal or otherwise, and begin to have open, honest conversations – the first step on the journey to high performance.


The Building Trust workshop is a half day workshop.

“Trust is knowing that when a team member does push you, they’re doing it because they care about the team.”


~ Patrick Lencioni

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