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Wellington Leadership Group

Giving back to the community is hugely important to us as an organisation.  Results Coaching is also committed to raising the level of leadership throughout New Zealand and therefore we founded and facilitate the Wellington Leadership Group.

The Wellington Leadership Group is a group of individuals who are interested in growing as leaders. Whether you’re a seasoned leader running several teams, just starting out and want to develop more skills, or you’re interested in knowing what it takes to really lead a team then this group is for you. Come along and share your experiences, bring the challenges you’re facing and take this unique opportunity to develop your career as a leader.

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Thank you. Enjoyed the idea of more of a focus on what do you need to become (what change to make) in order to achieve a goal. Good things to think about.

Leadership and performance coaching

Results Coaching is also committed to enhancing the quality of coaching throughout New Zealand and therefore we founded and facilitate the Wellington Coaches Network. The Wellington Coaches Network is made up of a group of coaches from a whole range of backgrounds, experiences, qualifications and interests.

The one thing we have in common is our desire to work with people and organisations for positive change. The purpose of this group is to share ideas, strategies, and tools about coaching, and to bounce ideas off one another about developing a coaching business. So if you’re a seasoned coach, or just starting out, or even just thinking about dipping your toe into the exciting and rewarding world of coaching, this group is for you.

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Thanks Cillín for organising these meet up’s over the year, I’ve enjoyed them very much. Great session last night, very thought provoking and as always picked up some great ideas and approaches to grow my own practice.

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