Cultural Safety

Cultural Safety is the Number One Indicator of a High Performing Team or Organisation

Have you ever been brushed off, ignored, demeaned, silenced, or humiliated? These painful and memorable experiences trigger the self-censoring instinct that is within us all and effectively neautralises performance. When social friction exists in a team the predictable approach to our work is one of caution preventing people from bringing their whole self to work. This has become even more important now that our teams are dispersed and it is becoming increasingly difficult for leaders to continue to build and maintain relationships.

Cillín had run some communication and relationship building exercises for our team, together with our clients. There were many “Aha” moments and personal insights that we gained from the workshops, both about ourselves and about how we relate in business. We have learnt many life lessons from these sessions and have also seen the business value that were directly attributed to it. Cillín is an excellent coach, who applies his art with patience, humour and empathy.

Godfrey Fernandez@Catalyst IT

, Cultural Safety

This workshop is designed to provide leaders with the actionable tools to create a greater sense of psychological safety among their team members so they are confident to grow in their roles, contribute to the organisation on a grander scale and to overcome any fear and social friction to challenge the status quo required for innovation and fresh thinking; ultimately, a safe place to grow and thrive and contribute.

Workshop Details


  • Understand the impacts of exclusion and how it might show up in teams
  • Develop actionable skills to increase awareness around inclusion
  • Create a safe environment in which people feel confident to learn, grow and contribute on a larger scale
  • Establish team norms that encourage people to challenge and innovate for the good of the organisation


This workshop is for leaders and teams alike, or anyone interested in building an environment in which people can thrive.


The Cultural Safety workshop is a half day workshop. However, this can be delivered in 4 x 1 hour blocks.

“Psychological Safety is a belief that the context is safe for interpersonal risk-taking – that speaking up with ideas, questions, concerns, or mistakes will be welcomed and valued even when I’m wrong. It’s a sense of permission for candor.”


~ Amy Edmonson

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