Growth Mindset

How Much Better Would Your Organisation Perform with a Growth Mindset?

Having a growth mindset is a strong indicator of a person’s ability to learn and adapt to new environments and challenges. Although the advantages of this style of thinking are greatly recognised what is often missing is the knowledge of how to make this change. Understanding the concept is not enough. People often revert back to old ways of thinking (especially under times of stress) without the tools and strategies to make the permanent change.

“We had the opportunity to work with Cillín from Resulting Coaching over the last 6 months. Cillín’s style immediately came across at a human level and his passion for professional and personal growth really shown through. As our team had been newly formed after a recent structure change, Cillín took us through a programme designed to bring the leadership team together and set us on the path to achieving our collective goals. This was all done through the sharing of stories, fun, and exchanging the collective knowledge within the team. The whole leadership team agreed it was Cillín’s engaging style, experience, and practical tools/tips that helped us, as a team, have really productive team sessions. We continue to engage Cillín across the organisation and look forward to future sessions.”

Catherine Fenwick
Organisational Services Director@InternetNZ

Leadership and performance coaching

Creating a greater awareness of the forces that drive our decision making and cause our emotions is the foundation to personal change. Once we understand why we do the things that we do, we develop a greater and deeper insight into why others do what they do. This naturally leads to tolerance and compassion for other people.

Shedding unresourceful beliefs and understanding how to create new and powerful beliefs will lay the foundation for a future full of opportunity and endless possibilities.

Workshop Details


  • Understand the beliefs that shape our thinking and behaviour
  • Change our unresourceful, limiting beliefs and enhance those beliefs that bring us joy and happiness
  • Understand the importance of our personal values and how they influence every decision we make
  • Understand our personal rules and how they influence our decisions, judgements of others, and our emotions
  • Identify the personal rules which detract from our quality of life
  • Consciously create new rules that support our personal values
  • Understand our human needs and how they drive our behaviour
  • Identify our strategies for meeting our human needs so that we meet these in a positive and resourceful way

Participant Level

This workshop is suitable for anyone and at any level of the organisation.

Maximum Number of Participants

To ensure all participants get the most out of the day, the maximum number of participants for this workshop is 18.


The Growth Mindset workshop is a full day workshop.

However, this can be delivered in 2 x half days or 4 x 2 hour blocks.

“Progress is impossible without change. And those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”


~ George Bernard Shaw

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Need more info?

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