Our Clients’ Experiences

I have been through other coaching experiences in the past and this was quite unlike anything I’d previously done […] this one took a much more whole of self view.

Liza Gunn

It has definitely helped remove that as something that has hindered me … so in a way, quite a weight lifted from me.

Nick Vaughan

I think I’ve become a lot braver. I’m naturally quite a shy person and I’ve definitely stepped out from worrying about how people perceive me.

Kim Quirke

Starting my own business [the coaching] has allowed me to get so much more done with my day and just be more effective in meetings and when speaking to people.

Steve Mannion

I feel more confident in myself, both in my ability and my leadership capability from some of the tools that Cillín gave me.

Jonny Hay

With Cillín’s process he’s allowed me to learn how to break things down and being held accountable. I think that’s why I love working with him in a coaching capacity.

Natasha Wilson

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