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Cillín Hearns

Director & Leadership Coach

Cillín Hearns is an Irishman loving his life in New Zealand. As the owner and director of Results Coaching, Cillín is passionate about the personal and professional development of his clients. He achieves this through one-on-one coaching, group workshops, and presentations. Cillín’s own personal journey into leadership started about 23 years ago when he found himself in a one bedroom flat in Burwood, Sydney with cockroaches as his only companions. He confesses that, although he has read more self-help books than you could shake a stick at, there was something missing and, once discovering that, it has made all the difference.

Cillín has been fortunate to have had a diverse career which afforded him the opportunity to work with people from all walks of life and across many industries including the fitness industry, the government sector, the industrial sector, IT consulting, and Banking. He has several years direct experience working as an IT consultant and has led up to 12 teams of over 140 consultants so everything Cillín does has a strong practical element to making it work.

Passionate about growing leaders at every level Cillín founded and facilitates the Wellington Leadership Group with over 1,100 members and speaks on a range of topics on everything from holding difficult conversations and giving feedback to personal effectiveness and high-performing teams.

Mindful of giving back to the coaching community Cillín also founded and facilitates the Wellington Coaches Network the purpose of which is to share ideas and grow the capability of coaches across Wellington.

So whether it’s a one-on-one coaching engagement, a two day workshop, or a 90 minute presentation Cillín’s approach is always engaging, informative and educational.

Continuous learning is important to Cillín because it enables him to better serve his clients. Some of his qualifications include:

  • Certified Leadership Coach
  • Certified ICI Coach
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • Diploma in Applied Psychology
  • Certified DiSC Trainer
  • Certified Ericksonian Hypnotherapist
  • Certified Time Line Therapist
  • Honours Degree BSc. Computer Science (Trinity College, Dublin)
  • Diploma in Corporate Management
  • Certified Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • PRINCE2 Project Management Practitioner

As Director of AD Architecture Ltd, I had the great pleasure of working with Cillin for our AD leadership group sessions and personal leadership advice. During this time he greatly impressed me with his wealth of real world knowledge and advice that could be readily applied. I consider him a guiding light and someone that I know that I can rely on for excellent advice through tough situations. ~ Hamish Wakefield, Director.


Leadership Coaching from Cillin ultimately helped me secure a secondment in a team I was really keen to work with, successfully complete a number of difficult projects, and build relationships with key people across the business. Months later I still use a number of the tools and techniques that Cillin introduced me to – on a daily basis! ~ Shannon Steven, Team Manager Advisory Services.


Alyson Garrido

Career Coach & Facilitator

As a career coach, Alyson takes a strengths based approach and partners with her clients to create and execute a career strategy. Through her extensive experience supporting clients in job search, networking, interview preparation, salary negotiation, and performance reviews, Alyson ensures that her clients authentically present themselves in the best possible light for career advancement. She revels in helping professionals plan for a challenging project or conversation.

Having facilitated workshops and trainings across industries and levels, Alyson is adept at changing her style and delivery to suit her audience while meeting educational objectives.

Alyson relocated from Los Angles to Wellington in June 2017.

Alyson is passionate about helping professionals grow in their careers.

For Alyson, one thing never changes – She is unfailingly positive and inspires her clients and workshop participants to move forward and put their ideas into action. She values partnership and customer service above all else, creating a customised approach for her participants and clients.

Alyson is a Certified Professional Coach and Member of the International Coach Federation.

She has a B.A. in Psychology from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Alyson has helped me, in a very short time, make huge strides in determining what it is I really wanted and what I needed to get it. Throughout the process I have always felt like I was in expert hands. ~ Taegen C., Founder


Alyson was thoughtful with her questions, she listened well, she made suggestions without forcing anything. It was wonderful to have someone as a sounding board for your career. I feel like she really listened and understood. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for career advice/guidance! ~ Carla, Human Resources


Stew Darling

Leadership Coach & Mentor

Few are better placed to truly understand leadership than Stew. A retired Lieutenant Colonel from the British Army, Stew aligns closely with the motto of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, “Serve to Lead”. From leading small specialist units to Command of the Defence School of Intelligence, Stew is now excited to bring his extensive leadership and coaching skills to the corporate arena and enhance the performance of individuals at every level of the organisation.

On retirement from the army, Stew took up a leadership role in a Wellington start-up, but found that he missed the mentoring role that he had passionately followed during his time in the military. With over two decades of leadership and mentoring experience in often harsh and unforgiving environments, coupled with a burgeoning understanding of leadership in the corporate arena, Stew is delighted to be mentoring clients from across a variety of backgrounds at every level of the organisation.

Seeing people thrive in their environments is what lights Stew up. He is passionate about developing innate leadership skills in all to achieve a smarter, kinder, and more useful society.

Time stops for Stew when he’s working with teams and individuals to guide them in developing their purpose, helping them to discover what they’re truly capable of, and finding a new vitality for life.

Some of Stew’s qualifications include:

  • NPL Master Practitioner (Student)
  • Graduate Brendon Buchard High Performance Academy
  • Member of Sam Halzedine Board of Directors
  • PRINCE2 Project Management Practitioner

I have recently started mentoring with Stew. I have found his approach to be patient, professional, and motivating. I was initially unsure how Stew would be able to help me find direction when I was not certain of what I wanted for myself, but his process quickly focussed me on what needed my attention. This awareness helped me get immediate life-changing results by taking responsibility, creating goals, and instilling new habits. Stew is a great listener, and has a supportive and encouraging manner. I am very excited at what I can achieve working with Stew moving forward. ~ Andrea, Head of Property – Acquisitions

Stew has been invaluable in helping me reach my personal and professional goals, through his focussed and committed approach. I can highly recommend his skills and experience as a mentor. ~ Sarah Davy

When I met Stew I was working in Subway having bombed NCEA 2; less than a year later I was a commissioned officer in the NZ Army. Not only did Stew coach me in leadership skills, he developed my confidence which really helped during training. ~ Hamish, Lt NZDF


Jennifer Young

Resilience Coach & Facilitator

Jennifer Young helps emerging leaders, entrepreneurs and youth make the change and impact they want to see in their lives and in the world… without burning out. She achieves this through one-on-one coaching, public speaking, workshops and writing for values-aligned publications. She integrates neuroscience, ancient wisdom and modern technological advances to create powerful learning experiences that improve wellbeing, resilience and mental health.

Jen’s personal journey into leadership, coaching and workplace well-being started 5 years ago when she turned her back on law thanks to a transformative leadership development experience, and starting regular meditation and yoga. Since then she has worked in public sector leadership development, corporate instructional design, start-up growth and with youth/young adults, with a focus on human development, mindfulness, resilience and inter-generational collaboration.

She’s passionate about integrating neuroscience, philosophy and modern technological advancements to create powerful learning experiences and improve the well-being, mental health and resilience of emerging leaders and youth.

Jennifer is passionate about empowering, enabling and developing the next generations of leaders, creatives and entrepreneurs to deliberately cultivate their ripple of impact starting with their self-leadership. Her focus is on people uncovering their potential, accelerating their development and growing their compassion, connection and contribution.

The world needs intentional, resilient and sustainable humans more than ever. It’s her mission to help individuals, teams and organisations make the change and impact they want to see in their lives and in the world…without burning out.

To help fulfill this Jennifer partners with values-aligned organisations like Results Coaching and district 9940’s Rotary Youth Leadership Awards programme to deliver impactful work.

Jennifer is an insatiably curious learner – with a healthy addiction to podcasts, books and getting coffee with interesting humans – ideally while dog walking in nature. Distilling these ideas into easily applied and fun learning drives her …

Some of her qualifications include:
1.Brain Based Coaching Certificate – NeuroLeadership Institute
2.Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts (LLB/BA) Art History – University of Otago
3.Accredited Mindfulness Facilitator – Ovio Mindfulness
4.Yin Yoga Teacher Training Certificate – Joe Barnett Yoga
5.Mental Health First Aid Certificate – Coliberate

Continuing education is important to Jen and by then end of 2019 Jen will be an Accredited Resilience Coach and Facilitator and will hold a Certificate in Adult Learning and Development.

“In 2018 coaching sessions with Jen became an essential part of my work life balance. We dive deep and get to the root causes of personal triggers that affect my life, in both positive and negative ways. Getting to know myself better every session and learning to transform my energy in the process. During the course of our last one-on-one session she helped me transform my energy and absolutely smash the most important meeting of the year I had later that afternoon! I highly recommend Jennifer’s coaching abilities” – Andy Binns, Founder Hype Entertainment

“In mid-2016 I made a huge transition within my business and asked Jennifer Young (Jen) to coach me through it. Jen’s warm, caring manner helped me through the ups and downs. I gained a number of useful insights from her tools and coaching that I still use most days. And most importantly, I successfully made the transition and changed my life, not just my business. I would recommend working with Jen where you need a boost in support and an impartial viewpoint to get you to the next level” – Christina Curley, CEO and Human Resources


Justin Bretherton

Solution Coach

Justin’s first experience of coaching came as part of a self-expression and leadership programme where he participated and supported individuals in bringing a variety of self-expression projects to life.  In September 2010, Justin completed the Results Coaching System ICF accredited Certificate of Coaching Skills, where he learned process-focused, outcome-driven coaching methods and frameworks to drive positive change and maximize personal effectiveness.

With a background in project management and consulting, Justin is experienced at working with individuals and teams to gain clarity on goals and objectives, and supporting the development of an adaptive approach and plan on how to achieve that which will having a lasting impact. Justin has been particularly successful in coaching individuals and teams to increase performance and solve problems.

Since completing a personal development course 20 years ago, Justin has been on a voyage of self-discovery and personal growth, committed to making the most out of this opportunity called life. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and Justin has learned much from his life challenges and has a passion for asking the questions of himself and others that will make a real difference.

Justin is inspired by progress and firmly believes in the power of questioning. Knowledge is knowing the right answer. Wisdom is knowing the right question.

Some of Justin’s qualifications include:

  • ICF accredited Certificate of Coaching Skills (Results Coaching System)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Applied Social Science
  • ‘Lead the Way’ Leadership Development Programme Graduate

Justin was an empathetic listener and asked relevant questions to help me gain insight and make positive changes in my life. ~ Karen McLennan

During 2011/12 I had the privilege of gaining experience working for Justin in the PMO at Public Trust. Many years later and I continue to draw on the things I learned from Justin both from a PMO Professional, and from a goals coaching perspective. Justin has a rare combination of philosophical and technical knowledge to impart in a highly skilled and very effective way, and it sticks. ~ Amelia Hargreaves.


Josie Askin

Performance & Wellbeing Coach

Josie walks the talk when it comes to peak performance and wellbeing.

Josie loves working with driven leaders to help them feel and stay on top of their game. She achieves this by applying the lessons of balance and consistency from the sporting world into the business world – coaching for the elite corporate athlete. Josie offers a range of services including leadership performance coaching, workplace wellbeing, speaking and facilitation.

After working for nearly 20 years in a range of senior advisory roles and as an endurance athlete Josie knows better than most the importance of balance, consistency and the challenges of a busy life. She is a time management magician.

As a driven, high achiever Josie learnt the hard way that peak performance is only maintained with a balanced and holistic approach to wellbeing including mindset, movement and nutrition. As an athlete, not achieving this led to Relative Energy Deficiency in Sports (or RED-S), a health issue that manifests in a similar way to burnout.

Josie weaves her experience from the business and sporting world, along with qualifications in psychology, coaching, beliefs change, sports training and nutrition to provide a truly holistic and sustainable approach to performance and wellbeing without the overwhelm factor.

Josie loves the coaching light bulb moments when a client realises what limiting belief is preventing them from doing what they want to do… and it’s never laziness or lack of willpower. Once the belief has been identified clients are set up for success with a “strengths-based” small and mighty healthy habit that leaves the client feeling empowered and on top of their game.

Josie is passionate about supporting others to maintain their peak performance through small day to day actions and balancing periods of work with recovery. These are the same principles that top athletes use to be on top of their game and avoid being sidelined with injury and illness.

Josie has always been curious and is a life-long learner. Some of her qualifications and credentials include:

  • Professional Health and Wellness Coach, Health Coaches Australia and New Zealand Association
  • Professional Coach, Australia and New Zealand Coaching Alliance
  • Regional Business Partners Network, registered provider
  • Emerge Aotearoa, Ignite Wellbeing Platform, registered provider
  • Diploma of Professional Coaching, Southern Institute of Technology
    mBIT (Multiple Brain Integration Technique) Coach
  • Certified French-Burgess Belief Change Practitioner
  • Bachelor of Science, Psychology, Canterbury University & Otago University
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach
  • Certificate of Sports Training and Development
  • NYC Core Pilates, Mat Teacher
  • Accredited Prince2 Project Manager Practitioner

I’m your classic small business owners who works full time “IN” the business, spends my free time “ON” the business and then slots my life in around that. This leads to constantly feeling like I’m dropping the ball, I’m always letting someone down (often myself), I never have enough time, I’m so tired but I don’t sleep, etc., etc., etc.

Josie helped me slow my brain down. She got me to write a MASSIVE to-do list, break it into manageable chunks, delegate, realise what was important to me and what wasn’t, and helped me act as though I’d known that all along. I felt like I’d be a better boss, a better wife and a better friend, and all round a better human when I finally got things under control; but Josie helped me understand that I’d never have everything under control, and I could actually be that person anyway. It is, and will be, something I need to consistently work at, but the things I’ve been taught are really helping and I feel like I’m getting my life back!


I was stuck when it came to knowing what I could be doing better for my health and actually actioning it. I knew I would benefit from eating healthier food, exercising more and focusing on routines, and was never quite getting there.

We created little, manageable goals. Being accountable to myself, my partner and my wellness coach helped me make great progress in implementing new ways of doing things that would benefit me. Migraines are no longer a part of my peri-menopause. I have the drive to eat right for myself so that my kids will possibly follow suit. I know if I break down my goals into little manageable pieces that I can accomplish these.

Thank you Josie for supporting me with finally reaching my goals. There was a block from me achieving these and with your gentle guidance I was able to accomplish these. You are amazing and I will be recommending anyone interested in focusing on their wellness to come to you.


Not only has Josie made some valuable contributions to the content of the workshop, she is a great facilitator. Josie quickly engages the workshop participants and facilitates with authenticity and warmth whilst keeping the group on track.

Josie has a broad range of knowledge and skills along with being an upbeat and positive person. She inspires others to look at their strengths and is very supportive.

Josie has an ability to relate to people from all walks of life. Her compassion and commitment to supporting others to be their best selves is infectious.


Fiona Deehan

Strengths Coach

Energy, enthusiasm and curiosity are words you will often hear to describe Fi. As an Irish woman who came to Christchurch in February 2010, she has navigated significant personal and professional change in her own life through settling down on the opposite side of the world, working and living in a city that has seen a range of challenges and opportunities in that time, becoming a mother, leading numerous change programmes in her work and leaving a public sector career to start her own business.

As a CliftonStrengths coach, leadership consultant and facilitator, she empowers individuals and teams to define their success statement and helps them achieve it by discovering and leveraging their strengths and developing and executing a strategy to get there. She believes that people have what they need within them to succeed and that by unlocking their unique value propositions and harnessing that power, individuals, teams, communities and organisations can thrive.

Fi loves to work with purpose and impact-driven businesses, organisations and projects so that she can help scale and maximise the impact they are already making, whether that’s social, economic or environmental. As a woman who has navigated a significant amount of personal and professional change herself, she enjoys combining her experience with her expertise to empower women who are navigating or considering professional change.

Fi’s professional passions include leading a ‘Strengths Revolution’ by helping as many individuals and teams as possible to discover and leverage their ‘unique unfair advantage’, holding coaching and workshop spaces where deep learning and reflection can occur, and empowering people to have the courage and confidence they need to take ownership and action to create the change they want to see in their work, their lives and relationships.

Outside her work, she is a lifelong learner who is almost always reading a book, listening to a podcast or having a deep, curious conversation. She finds joy in her family, in music, at the beach and in nature.

  • CliftonStrengths Top 5 Accredited Coach
  • Transformative Coaching, Coach Masters Academy
  • Dare to Lead (Brene Brown) programme, Boma NZ
  • New Zealand Certificate in Adult and Tertiary Teaching, Open Polytechnic
  • IAP2 Certificate in Stakeholder Engagement

Earlier this year I was fortunate to have individual Clifton Strengths coaching with Fiona. I found the experience to be extremely valuable in the way it helped me to clarify my areas of strength and in informing some critical choice points in my life and work. I found Fiona to be highly engaged and supportive with a lovely positive energy that added significantly to the value I gained from the Strengths process. ~ Dr Pete Cammock, Director, Leadership Lab

Fi’s ability to decipher my thoughts and turn them into succinct and clear examples of the strengths was awesome and super helpful! She was able to coach me through understanding the CliftonStrengths and harnessing them both professionally and personally. I gained an understanding of how my top 5 strengths influence my decision making and everyday work ethic. ~ Sophie Smith, Marketing and Sales

Fiona helped me reconnect with my core values and bring clarity to my goals. We then worked together to create simple yet effective action steps that enabled me to move forward in complete confidence in my own abilities. Fiona created a safe and trusting space for us to work in, which is really important to me. ~ Chloe Cameron, coaching client

Fiona is very empathetic and a great listener. She reflects my thoughts well and really gets me to explore areas I often try to avoid. She does this while providing a supportive framework and a laugh along the journey which makes the conversation very real. I value our time greatly in supporting my development. ~ Tom, coaching client

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