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Project Details

Client: Professional Client
Service: Team facilitation
Duration: Half day workshop

Facilitate a team workshop to develop a clear set of team values


Cillín Hearns

The Issue

The team for which this workshop was designed largely worked well together but because of their function within the organisation they tended to work separately from one another. Each team member had their own team which unintentionally caused siloed behaviour. There was also one team member who consciously split herself away from the team and this was causing conflict within the team. The goal of this session was to help the team to understand each other more and to come together and align on how they plan to work together.

The Importance of Values

Our personal values tell us what’s important. They are inherent in every decision we make, they set the standards by which we live our lives, and we use our values to evaluate the decisions we’ve made. Therefore, a team without a clear set of values is a team that lacks the foundation for making decisions. If the vision of an organisation or team talks to the WHY, its values talk to the HOW. Both are essential for a team to become successful because they guide decisions, set the standards, and influence the right behaviours.

The Approach

After introductions the team performed a simple exercise to help them understand the importance of values. Engaging in a short reflection exercise helped them to get more in touch with themselves and their personal values. Using post-it notes the team was presented with a simple question to help them identify their own values. Each team member identified their top five personal values. Next the team was guided to create their personal hierarchy with the most important at the top. By determining each team members’ values first they began to recognise how their own values have influenced their own lives. It also provided an insight for other team members as to why others in their team make decisions differently.

We then developed the team values in a similar manner. We identified those things that were important to each team member individually when working as part of a team, which were then group together. These were then discussed as a group and voted on in terms of importance. Helping the team understand the hierarchy of their values is essential because it provides guidance whenever there is a values conflict.

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Once we determined the core values, the team articulated what each value meant to them.


Lastly, the team determined the behaviours they would ‘see’ and what they would ‘not see’ with regard to each of the values. Each team member gave permission to the others to hold them to account; this ensures everyone adheres to the spirit of their new team values.

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The team was then challenged to come up with ways to bring their new values to life.

The Outcome

At the end of the half day workshop the team was fully bought into their values and are now clear on what their values are, what they mean to them, and what standards of behaviour is expected.

The workshop was fun, yet insightful, somewhat provocative but all based on tried and true methods. Our team enjoyed every minute and walked away with new approaches to working together and a self-awareness on how to work together. Cillín was able to ensure all the voices of the team were heard, bring those voices together to help us develop our own values. We now have team values we all can work to and make sense for us.


If you’d like know more about how your team can develop its own set of values, or if you’d like to explore how coaching can help you become a better leader (of others or yourself!), or even if you’re just generally curious about what professional coaching can offer you, please contact us at any time for a free consultation.

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