First, Lead Yourself


“This book is amazing, I had so many ‘aha’ moments. Although not really a self-help book, I’ve learnt so much about myself from Cillín, I’m now more comfortable being me and more aware of my personal rules, I didn’t realise I had so many! The wisdom Cillín shares has enabled me to become more resilient, a better leader, and most importantly, a better parent.”Luke Johnstone. Director, Double-O Consulting.

Are you frustrated with how some people ascend the organizational ladder at lightning speeds and you can’t seem to get on that first rung?

Have you ever wondered what the core skills are you need to successfully become an authentic leader?

First, Lead Yourself not only tackles the biggest problem in leadership development that holds millions of people back from achieving their full potential, it weaves together the essential ingredients required for your own success as a leader. This book is full of practical tools, exercises and insightful stories that will accelerate you along the path towards achieving your leadership goals.

Backed by research into personal change, high performance, resilience, and advanced communication skills, First, Lead Yourself is the perfect guide for anyone looking to step up and lead.


First, Lead Yourself is not your ordinary leadership book. It doesn’t tell you how to run a team, set a strategy, or lead a business. What it does do is to give you the tools you need to become the type of person that people will naturally follow, a leader that gives off an air of genuine authenticity.

Focusing on the key aspects of self-leadership, the core topics in this book are:
– Developing self-awareness
– Building resilience
– Advanced communication skills


“This compelling, comprehensive apt-titled book is a must-read for all leaders at any level. Numerous real-life examples and quotable quotes are seamlessly woven with masterful elaborate text in a sequential manner from the start to finish. There is enough arsenal in this book to help you master your own destiny and assist others in doing the same.”Kosam Nyamdela. MoP, PMP, MBusAn, MBA Strategic Planning.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Cillín Hearns in my professional career and I was very excited to read this book. This was an inspirational and helpful book indeed! His approach is very practical and there is something for everyone to take away from this book whether you are dealing with work, colleagues, kids or many other aspects of your personal life. I enjoyed how Cillín was able to relate his personal journey into the books narrative; it showcased his honest and pragmatic approach to life and used real life scenarios to demonstrate methods and ways to improve one’s self. This isn’t a book you would read only once – this is a book that you will hang on to and pull out time and time again. I highly recommend to friends and colleagues alike.”Mariska Carlson-Smith. General Manager, Velocity.

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