The Psychology of Leadership

Are you stuck in your career and don’t know how to advance? The higher up the career ladder we go the more visible our leadership skills become but what are leadership skills and how can we attain them? We will introduce a simple framework to help you take the first steps on the path to the rewarding, and life-changing, journey of leadership.

The Many Faces of Leadership

All too often leadership is a role that we are asked to perform without any knowledge of what makes a great leader and without any clear direction of how we can get there. We explore the different styles of leadership ranging from those that have the most positive impact on the team and the environment to those that should be used sparingly or avoided altogether.

Resilience in Times of Change

The only constant in this day and age is change! Change is uncomfortable for a lot of people so what do those of us who thrive in times of change do differently? With several practical tools that can be applied immediately we explore the three core traits that psychologists have identified in those who are not only resilient in times of change but who excel in times of chaos.

Our Passion for Speaking

Our talks, although very different and very informative, all have a similar theme that runs through them…how we can increase our performance through our psychology.  Filled with humour and insights into what it takes to become a leader of yourself and others your audience will be captivated from the very first word. We leave you with practical take-aways that you can put into practice immediately to further enhance your professional and personal life.


“It was one of the most enjoyable sessions I attended of the three days.  I loved your energy, the stories you told, and the examples you gave.  As a project manager I have read, studied or heard about leadership styles many times before, but I believe that every time I hear / study it again, I learn something new, or look at it with a different lens, depending on my circumstances.  Your session gave me a whole new view of some aspects of leadership – looking at my manager, and the way I manage.  Thank you.”
– Participant at the NZ Project Management Conference 2015


If you have a larger audience to reach, a speaking engagement can be the perfect tool to inspire your team, and help them approach business and life challenges in new ways. So much of what we present can be tailored to your situation so if there is a particular topic you or your organisation is interested in, let us know and we can work with you to ensure the audience is left with deep personal insights and a memorable occasion.


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