Your Team ‘WHY’

A Team Without a Clear Vision of Why They Exist is Doomed to Mediocrity

As much as most of us love our work, it can also he hard going. When we get caught up in the weeds and every step seems like a struggle, it can become overwhelming and we ask ourselves, “What’s the point?” We lose our focus and the work, which we previously enjoyed, now becomes a burden. Without a Team WHY to act as a guiding star it’s easy to get lost and disgruntled.

I sought Cillín’s assistance to work through establishing goals for LINQ. As a start-up we had been running at ‘a million miles an hour’ but I was conscious that it was still important to get the little things right. Cillín delivered four awesome sessions for the team. The results were; a strong set of Values for the company that the whole team bought into, and a deeply thoughtful piece on communication to allow us to operate smarter. Cillín’s work has made us a stronger, more aligned team – so important in the start-up space. I recommend that any early stage business should consider his assistance, early, to establish strong Values and Communication – the investment will be worth it.

Stew Darling

Leadership and performance coaching

Having a clear Team WHY that everyone is bought into is a powerful motivator for both individuals and the team itself. Using the Team WHY to determine the next course of action provides clarity and assurance that the team is on the right track. Asking such questions as, “Will this bring us closer to our purpose, or further away?” often makes tough decisions easier to answer and helps create clear goals that all the team can relate to.

Workshop Details


  • Understand the challenges that the team faces
  • Identify the key actions to resolve these
  • Create a vision that everyone has contributed to
  • Plant the seeds of a culture that refers to the vision when the team meets with a crossroad
  • Create a sense of belonging and intrinsic motivation
  • Provide clarity of sight for your team


This workshop is for individual teams that want to develop a greater sense of purpose and understand the reasons why they come to work every day.


The Your Team ‘WHY’ workshop is a half day workshop.

“But no matter how inspiring a dream maybe, a dream that cannot come to life stays a dream.”


~ Simon Sinek

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