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“We had the opportunity to work with Cillín from Resulting Coaching over the last 6 months. Cillín’s style immediately came across at a human level and his passion for professional and personal growth really shown through. As our team had been newly formed after a recent structure change, Cillín took us through a programme designed to bring the leadership team together and set us on the path to achieving our collective goals. This was all done through the sharing of stories, fun, and exchanging the collective knowledge within the team. The whole leadership team agreed it was Cillín’s engaging style, experience, and practical tools/tips that helped us, as a team, have really productive team sessions. We continue to engage Cillín across the organisation and look forward to future sessions.”

Leadership and performance coaching

Catherine Fenwick
Organisational Services Director@InternetNZ

“Cillín has facilitated a number of workshops with ANZ’s Infrastructure & Operations Leadership Team. His enthusiasm, passion & deep learning has resulted in our teams building their leadership toolbox in areas such such as communication, change & resilience. The buzz after the workshop was contagious & we have felt a shift in the teams leadership dial.”

Emma Parker
Technology Transformation Manager@ANZ

“I sought Cillín’s assistance to work through establishing goals for LINQ. As a start-up we had been running at ‘a million miles an hour’ but I was conscious that it was still important to get the little things right. Cillín delivered four awesome sessions for the team. The results were; a strong set of Values for the company that the whole team bought into, and a deeply thoughtful piece on communication to allow us to operate smarter. Cillín’s work has made us a stronger, more aligned team – so important in the start-up space. I recommend that any early stage business should consider his assistance, early, to establish strong Values and Communication – the investment will be worth it.”

Stew Darling

“Cillín is an invaluable Partner in developing leaders at Redvespa. Cillín has been coaching Redvespa people to help unleash their potential and enrich their lives for over 2 years now. He does so with humour, care and deep understanding. I highly recommend Cillín to enhance leadership capability for individuals and in business. He is a delight to work with!”

Sarah Gibson - CEO@Redvespa

Sarah Gibson

“Cillín facilitated a communication course across 3 teams within a branch at MBIE recently. With no exception all participants agreed it was an extremely worthwhile day, full of insights and fun.

I can’t speak highly enough of Cillín and every time I have a conversation with him I learn more about people and myself.

The point of difference I think Cillín offers is that his courses are valuable to both work and home life. In my opinion this is what keeps people engaged and energized for the whole day! People of all ages and experiences were having “aha” moments and that’s how we grow and get better at .. in a nutshell.. dealing with each other.

So if you think your team hasn’t quite reached its potential for whatever reason.. spend some time with Cillín over a coffee and you won’t regret it.

Thanks Cillín and I look forward to getting you back here sometime soon.”

Tanya Barrell
Manager Project Delivery@MBIE

“I met Cillín after a recommendation from a fellow small business owner. I now owe that man a beer as Cillín has been exceptional to work with. After every session I came back with a ‘golden nugget’ that I could apply straight away and what’s better is they work! For anyone needing some training/advice/coaching around leadership then I highly recommend Cillín.”

Matt Rowe
Director@Uprise Digital

“I worked with Cillín over a 12 week period in 1 hour sessions. Each week we went over the assignments that he set out for me to follow and also taught me new techniques and triggers to handle various situations both professionally and personally. I took a lot away from the sessions that we had and applied the techniques to my daily routines both at home and in the work environment. These have helped me greatly over last few months as I have taken on more responsibility within my job.

I was referred to Cillín by a friend and I would recommend him and his techniques to anyone else looking for personal and professional coaching and I hope to work again with him in the near future.”

Michael Maundrill
Snr Manager IT Operations Asia Pacific@Verifone

“I was fortunate enough to work with Cillín in two different settings. Firstly in company team coaching sessions where our company LINQ worked together to create our company values. This was an engaging learning experience where we learned many fun and important things about each other and about ourselves. All the while enjoying many thought provoking and funny stories from Cillín along the way. These sessions culminated in a really solid set of company values that we all could stand behind as individuals and as a company. I can’t say enough about how thoughtful and productive these team sessions were.

Soon afterward I booked a series of one on one session with Cillín. What I really enjoyed most about all of these sessions were how customized they were for my situation and needs. I always came out of each different session feeling like I could tackle anything that stood before me with the solid action based insights and or steps Cillín helped me realise. He certainly has a unique and subtle way of helping you see yourself what’s needed just by asking pointed questions and listening.

In short I really appreciated Cillín’s approach to leadership and performance coaching and can endorse him wholeheartedly.”

Steve Mannion
Founder & CEO@Lead Growth

“Cillín combined his personal attributes of being naturally caring and a genuine listener with his professional experience, both as a leadership coach and project practitioner, to provide insightful and practical advice to help me to deal with the many challenges faced in my role. Always a pleasure to work with him both formally and informally.”

Gavin Eiloart
Independent Management Consultant

“For anyone wanting a better understanding of themselves and their leadership style, I definitely recommend Cillin. Having completed a leadership training programme with Cillin last year I can only say the results have been fantastic. The one-to-one coaching enabled me to focus on my strengths, and understand the different styles we all have….and be able to moderate my approach accordingly.

I have had ongoing feedback from my colleagues who also went through Cillin’s course, and coaching. We all continue to reference the ideas and learnings we took from these sessions, and share them within our own teams.

Awesome outcome!”

Justine Carrington
Client Delivery Manager@Assurity

“Leadership Coaching from Cillín ultimately helped me secure a secondment in a team I was really keen to work with, successfully complete a number of difficult projects, and build relationships with key people across the business. Months later I still use a number of the tools and techniques that Cillín introduced me to – on a daily basis!”

Shannon Steven - Strategy and Performance@LINZ

Shannon Steven
Strategy & Performance@LINZ

“Cillín brought considerable insight based on practical experience, as well as an in-depth knowledge and understanding of his field, to our engagement which ran for about 3 months in 2013. He also brings with him no small measure of respectful humor, which makes him a great pleasure to work with. He communicates very clearly, operates with integrity, builds relationships brilliantly, and has always left me feeling inspired; both from our formal sessions and from our friendly catch-ups since. If you are looking for leadership mentoring, or want simply to find better direction in your career to make it ‘work for you’, then I cannot recommend Cillín more highly as the person to help you on this journey.”

Martin Hunter
Senior Architect@Optimation

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