The High Performing Leader

So Often We Set Our Leaders Up to Fail by Not Giving Them the Skills They Need

People are often promoted to a leadership role based on their success in delivery and through their technical skills; however, leading teams requires a whole different skillset. Unfortunately for those leaders and their teams developing these skills is often left too late or it never occurs at all! Marshall Goldsmith’s bestselling title What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There sums up this nicely.

Over the last year or so Cillín has been facilitating workshops across DIA working with our leaders and emerging leaders in different ways such as growing leadership capability or helping them to be better coaches. The feedback from our participants is consistently high both on Cillín’s delivery style and the content of his material.

Cillín’s style is relaxed, friendly and professional. I would highly recommend Cillín for any engagement related to leadership development and building high performing teams.

Alicia Roberts
Manager Culture & Capability@DIA

Leadership and performance coaching

The higher you go in an organisation, more and more of the challenges you encounter will have a people element to them. Without doubt, it’s your people skills that will determine the type of leader you become. This programme will help you to understand the skills and behaviours required to successfully lead and manage teams. These two immersive days are fully interactive and make use of real-life scenarios.

Workshop Details


  • Develop and articulate your personal leadership philosophy
  • Learn the process of creating a team vision to align your team to a common purpose
  • Learn the process of creating a set of values for your team to set the standards and guide value-based decision making
  • Understand the psychology of motivation to get the best out of your team
  • Grow your team through feedback
  • Delegate effectively and hold your team accountable in a professional and motivating manner
  • Learn how to hold difficult conversations professionally
  • Develop a 90-Day plan to set yourself up for success in your role


This workshop is for those in existing leadership positions or are moving into a leadership position.

Maximum Number of Participants

To ensure all participants get the most out of this programme, the maximum number of participants for this programme is 12.

Programme Structure

The High Performing Leader programme is structured in such a way as to ensure maximum learning and skill development. It consists of 2 days of training and 2 group coaching sessions to practice and hone the essential skills of leadership.

Leadership and performance coaching

One of the greatest values of coaches is the ability to see ahead what others cannot see and to help them navigate a course to their destination.


~ John C. Maxwell

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