, The Top 10 Qualities of a Leader

The Top 10 Qualities of a Leader

August 28th, 2016 Posted by Leadership Tools

What do you look for when hiring or selecting the leaders in your organisation or team?  A no-brainer of course is that they have the technical skills, that’s a given.  But what next?  Here’s a list of 10 key leadership characteristics that you should look for when viewing potential leaders*.


1. Positiveness: The ability to work with and see people and situations in a positive way.  Not in a Pollyanna type way but choosing to look for the positive in a situation and find the way forward.

2. Servanthood: The willingness to submit, play team ball, and follow the leader.  This isn’t to say they should cow-tow to the leaders every whim but they also need to be fully on board once a decision is made.

3. Growth potential: A hunger for personal growth and development; the ability to keep growing as the job expands.  Often times as a person grows into a leadership position they need to learn new skills and unlearn old ones that no longer serve them…part of growth is having the ability to let go.

4. Follow-through: The determination to get the job done completely and with consistency.  Leaders must deliver…period!

5. Loyalty: The willingness to always put the leader and the organisation above personal desires.  There needs to be a balance here but leaders put their teams first.

6. Resiliency: The ability to bounce back when problems arise.  This is one of the greatest skills a leader can develop because there will always be set-backs on the way to the top.

7. Integrity: Trustworthiness and solid character; consistent words and consistent walk.  You’ve got to walk your talk…always!

8. Big-picture mindset: The ability to see the whole organisation and all of its needs.  What’s the impact of your decision making?  Do you only focus on your team or the wider organisation…as a leader we need to be doing both.

9. Discipline: The willingness to what is required regardless of personal mood.  Similar to point 4 above…you’ve got to deliver!

10. Gratitude: An attitude of thankfulness that becomes a way of life.


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* Hat-tip to John C. Maxwell.