Leadership Development

Become the leader you’ve always wanted to be!  We work to develop the skills and traits to bring out your natural leadership abilities and build on these using the core tools of leadership so you can successfully grow and lead a high performing team.

Advanced Communication

What are the skills that advanced communicators use to get the results they do? Communication is fundamental to everything we do, in work and in life. Develop the skills you and your teams need to successfully engage and influence at all levels of the organisation.

High Performance

What’s holding you back in your life or your career? Research tells us a large part of it is our psychology. This programme will shatter any mental barriers that may be holding you back and introduce new strategies that will propel you to the next level of performance.

Some Reflections from the ANZ IT Leadership Team

“By far the best People Leadership Forum to date! Cillín is a top speaker! This is the 2nd session I’ve attended of his and he has tonnes of great info to share, going “back to basics” for communication was great and I took away a heap of learnings from it. I really liked that we could all have a laugh and play a few games in-between the day as this always helps make the day and the topics discuss more memorable. Well done to you for setting it up a great day and I hope to see Cillín back at future PLF’s soon.”

“Nothing needed improving – the day was awesome.”

“Why don’t we have more PLF’s like this in the future?”

“Presenter ….. Good techniques for presenting and some great takeaways such as eye tracking for recalling different parts of brain function . First course I’ve been on that covers this material and quite insightful.”

“Learnings and fun ….. key to remembering more compared with dryer style of courses I’ve attended.”

Our Training Programmes

Our training programmes are designed to provide you and your teams with the tools you need to successfully achieve your outcomes.  They are fully customised to meet your needs and can be tailored to any audience regardless of where they are in their career. We are committed to getting results and helping your team make the necessary and long lasting changes to take them to the next level in performance.

Using Bernice McCarthy’s 4MAT system, coupled with other accelerated learning techniques, our workshops appeal to a wide variety of learners.  Full of relevant stories, psychological research, learning games, practical examples, demonstrations and practice sessions the workshops are both entertaining and deeply informative.


Cillín is an invaluable Partner in developing leaders at Redvespa. Cillín has been coaching Redvespa people to help unleash their potential and enrich their lives for over 2 years now. He does so with humour, care and deep understanding. I highly recommend Cillín to enhance leadership capability for individuals and in business. He is a delight to work with!
– Sarah Gibson. CEO, Redvespa


Not only can we we customise the content we can customise the delivery. So if you and your team are time poor we can deliver the material in short, easy to digest chunks that can be applied straight away for immediate results. Alternatively if your preference is full immersion we can accommodate that for you too.

Research tells us that after a single training session people tend to retain only 22% of what has been covered.  Throughout our sessions we introduce several opportunities to embed the material so you walk away with much more than that! To get the best results we recommend coupling training with individual coaching meetings spread over a period of weeks because this significantly increases content retention and performance by up to 88%.


For anyone wanting a better understanding of themselves and their leadership style, I definitely recommend Cillín. Having completed a leadership training programme with Cillín last year I can only say the results have been fantastic. The one-to-one coaching enabled me to focus on my strengths, and understand the different styles we all have….and be able to moderate my approach accordingly. I have had ongoing feedback from my colleagues who also went through Cillín’s course, and coaching. We all continue to reference the ideas and learnings we took from these sessions, and share them within our own teams. Awesome outcome!
– Justine Carrington, Client Delivery Manager, Assurity Consulting


Let’s talk about how we help you deliver the outcomes you are after for yourself and your team.


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