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Leading from Anywhere

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work forever. Before 2019, only about 3 percent of the workforce reported working more than half of their hours remotely, now the majority of the workforce spend at least half of their time working from home (or away from the office). This sudden shift has been confronting for many traditional style managers; many of whom are struggling to adapt.

Cillín has facilitated a number of workshops with ANZ’s Infrastructure and Operations Leadership Team. His enthusiasm, passion and deep learning has resulted in our teams building their leadership toolbox in areas such as communication, change, and resilience. The buzz after the workshop was contagious and we have felt a shift in the teams leadership dial.

Emma Parker, Transformation Manager@ANZ


Many managers are struggling with this shift because they see it as a completely different way of working and fear a loss of control over the work their team is doing. However, by making a subtle shift to the core leadership skills many managers already have in place, remote working can become the new norm and one that enhances, not only the work-life balance of team members, but also their productivity and sense of team. By creating a virtual environment in which all team members buy into, reaffirming such values as respect and trust, and developing a greater understanding of how to effectively communicate when working remotely, managers can quickly learn to Lead From Anywhere.

Workshop Details

  • Re-enforce a culture of shared understanding, identity and purpose
  • Create a climate of psychological safety, trust and respect
  • Strategies to build strong relational bonds and enhance engagement
  • Developing core remote communication skills (asynchronous v synchronous, emails, meetings, etc.)
  • Managing performance


This workshop is suitable for team leaders and managers at every level of the organisation.


The Leading From Anywhere workshop can be run as a single day workshop or as two half day workshops.

Leadership Styles

All too often leadership is a role that we are asked to perform without any knowledge of what makes a great leader and without any clear direction of how we can get there. We tend to unconsciously default to a style that suits our own personal way of working which can lead to issues when others don’t align to that style. However, the reality is that not every individual in a team thinks and acts the way we do and each environment that we find ourselves in often requires a different leadership approach to achieve the best outcome.

At the beginning of the year I personally engaged Cillín to facilitate a team building workshop in which we focused on building deeper trust, creating our team vision and values, and a plan to bring it all together. The result has given us greater clarity around what we need to achieve for the year, it has our focused decision making, and I have a team who knows what success looks like.

Cillín’s style is relaxed, friendly and professional. I would highly recommend Cillín for any engagement related to leadership development and building high performing teams.

Alicia Roberts, Manager Culture & Capability@DIA


This workshop explores the different styles of leadership ranging from those that have the most positive impact to those that, although useful in particular situations, should be used sparingly or avoided altogether. We look at the personality traits of the different leadership styles and the best combination of these, and create a framework for you to determine your strengths and areas of development that will allow you to become a leader who can adapt and deliver in any environment.

Workshop Details

  • Understand the different leadership styles
  • Know how to apply these at the right times and in the right circumstances
  • Understand your current leadership strengths
  • Create a development plan to become an authentic leader
  • Develop your own personal leadership philosophy


This workshop is for leadership teams or for those who are ready to step up into a leadership position, or are currently struggling in a leadership role.


The Leadership Styles workshop is a half day workshop.

“Do not pray for an easy life; pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.”


~ Bruce Lee

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